Bulk SMS Service

smsnix.com is a genuine Bulk SMS provider In India. You can use our Bulk SMS gateway and send Bulk SMS to a broad audience or customer with your own sender id on a single click.

In recent times short messaging services are one of the cheap and best ways to promote any kind of business or firm. If you also have some own business or any type of organization. Surely you can inform your clients with the help of Bulk SMS service.

We are a reliable platform for Bulk SMS service in India with high-quality gateway tools. Our advanced and high-speed technology of Bulk SMS Gateway always ensures you the best and excellent Bulk SMS marketing that you have never seen.

Compose SMS

Compose SMS is a format place from where you can type text with your chosen full language and send it different phone numbers. You can use two types of route promotional and transactional with your particular sender id. Here you can use 15 multi languages in our system.

SMS from Excel

Say you have thousands of numbers. To send those numbers you don’t need to enter one by one digit. Just enter all those numbers you have on an excel sheet and upload it into our Bulk SMS panel. That’s it you can send all those numbers SMS with just one click.

Manage Sender ID

Senders IDs are so crucial for Bulk SMS. It gives an idea to the visitor from where this message has come. You can manage all your Sender Ids with this option. Some people need more than one Sender Ids. You can create new sender id for you, or you can delete your existed sender id from here.

Manage Template

Maybe you need to send some individual messages frequently. But whenever you post that SMS, you don’t need to write the message. You can write the message once and can save to templates. So that when you need to send that message just choose from the template. It's effortless to use.

Manage Group

Explore the most exceptional contact phonebook group with our Manage Group system. In the business, you have different kinds of contact group like a business group, customer group. So here you can easily create particular individual group contact and import into your system and send Bulk SMS.

Campaign Report

After sending SMS, it must need to check the SMS campaign reports. You can check all the reports of how many messages are delivered, how many messages are undelivered, how many messages are submitted and other reports. Our campaign Report is very easy to understand and genuine.

It is an excellent site for sending Bulk SMS. Our Bulk SMS gateway software and service efficiently work with desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phones. Our easiest software delivers the massages very fast.

All you need is an internet connection to avail send SMS anywhere at any time. We assure you that you will get the premium Bulk SMS service every time.

Grow Up Your Business

We have huge of clients from various sectors like Institutions, Banks, Courier Services, Transportation, Hospitality Services, Construction, and Consultancy Services. Multiple kinds of websites like e-commerce websites, hotel, travel business and their websites. The clients are also from gas booking agencies, auto showrooms. Besides the purposes mentioned above, Bulk SMS’s can be used for any individual organization or person too.