To start your bulk SMS marketing, you have to go in Compose SMS. There you can see two routes are available. Do not know about routes? Read What are the routes? ( ).  After that,

  • Campaign: The Campaign is a folder where all your campaign details stay in a folder. Typically the date and time is the name of a campaign, but you can change it too if you need to do so.
  • From: On the from section, you have to select a sender ID to send SMS. If you do not know what Sender ID is, read WHAT IS SENDER ID?
  • Enter Number: On the Enter Number, you have to put the recipient’s phone numbers. You have to put a number and then enter, and with this process, you can place unlimited numbers. You don’t need to use +91 before the numbers. You upload numbers from several document files too.
  • Remove Duplicate: This option ensures you that, if your contact list has the same numbers two or more times, they will receive the message only one time.
  • Unicode: This feature enables you to write a message in different languages. When you tick on the Unicode option on the right side, the list of languages appears. You can select any one of them. You have to type in English, and when you press the space bar, the writings convert to your selected language.
  • Enter Message: On the Enter message, you can type messages. Note that: 160 characters will count as one SMS. After completing all the process, click send option.
  • Schedule: You can Schedule your campaign or messages too. Just select the date and timing as you wish. Finally, click on the Schedule.