Our Mobile App

We developed this application by focusing all the aspect of client uses. We are very optimistic that this app will definitely make a positive change to our client’s user experience and we will be very happy if it can do so.

  • SMS from Smartphone

    Get our improved and reliable Bulk SMS service on your fingertips with our highly secure and user-friendly mobile app.

    SMS from Smartphone
  • Just Log-In

    No separate username, password needed to log-in on the app. Just enter your Smsnix username, password and get in.

    Just Log-In
  • User-Friendly

    The interface of this app is designed on keeping mind that, it can be most useful and most user-friendly to all our users.

  • Send SMS Quickly

    Just choose the Sender Dispute the number, type your message, click next and send; as simple as that.

    Send SMS Quickly
  • Check Report Easily

    Need to check the delivery report? Don’t need to log-in on a desktop. Get a detailed report on the app quickly.

    Check Report Easily

This is our main priority to find out how can we provide our client’s better and more advanced modern technology based Bulk SMS service. We have researched and taken the time to make the feedback from our clients for that. We understand you can be somewhere outside and it is not possible to take your desktop or laptops with you all the time. But, emergencies can happen at any time. You may need to send SMS anytime urgently. Then what can be the solution to that? We all know wherever we go our smartphones go everywhere with us. So it could the best solution if we can provide all our Bulk SMS service features on a smartphone. That’s it we started to develop the next generation mobile app that can be helpful to use our Bulk SMS service anywhere anytime. After a long time of research and lots of hard work finally, our mobile app is now available. We are pleased to introduce our clients a mobile app that can reduce their efforts to manage their whole system of sending Bulk SMS.

Now check out how this app can help you as it commits. You can send quick Messages by entering numbers one by one. You can send group message(s) from your list of the group as well as you can send group message(s) from your list of phone group(s). With this mobile app, you can quickly check you Delivery Report from this app. As an addition we have added an extra feature, you can check your 3 days sent SMS report by Chart Reports. You can change the setting of your app as per your needs. We have made this app highly secured, and we used all security features to this app. You can easily log in and log out from this app.